#🍕about us


Enthusiasts and believers on Web3 evolution: a decentralized sharing economy where all community supporting value creation can monetize their contribution through the blockchain technology.

Rarity, exclusivity and timeless value are distinctive characteristics both of Art and Fashion, now perfectly embedded on NFTs, connecting digital and physical world through proof of ownership, token gated commerce and utilities.


Just a Mom&Daddy web3 streetwear project based in Milan and dreaming about the moon...

We're seasoned professionals in the luxury & streetwear industry, passionate about underground art, electronic music, 80s arcades and most recently ALL-IN for NFTs, crypto and web3 


Collecting and featuring dope NFTs on premium urban clothing and homeware lines.

Merch your priceless jpegs and let us making shine in the streets.

Earn royalties on sales as you hold.