Collection: 💎🇮🇹 precious pendants handmade in Italy

Handcrafted products directly from the heart of Tuscany

All jewels are made exclusively in Tuscany by skilled Italian goldsmiths. Thanks to the passion of the artisans who blend noble raw materials and extremely precise and accurate processing techniques, these works of art are born.


Italy shines thanks to the skill of its craftsmen who have made the beauty, uniqueness and character of a hand-made article famous.

The production cycle of our jewels involves an average of 3 artisans, each specialized in that specific step but who adapt their work to what the final result should be.

Discover our collection shining in different shapes (3D sculpture / front 3D / 2D) and preciousness (sterling silver / 18kt gold / diamonds and colored stones).

All pendants can be customized with your PFP / NFT.

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